HMPS Sastra Inggris

Himpunan Program Studi Sastra Inggris

English Camp – Bring Our Happiness and Reach Our Togetherness



This program always be held in Faculty Of Literature, Culture and Communication especially for English Literature Study Program every year with the vision to make the new student will know their friends each other. Last English camp is held in Sri Gethuk Waterfall Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta.  This place was
wonderful scenery. We hope never get lose about our memory in there. In this activity we not only get something happy but we get knowledge from some activities for example we did outbound and make a team, we did art theater to hone our creativity, and we did body rafting to know how care we are with our friends.
English camp is presented as one of the program in our regeneration division in ASELIS because to add the member in ASELIS and as compulsury thing what we should do in Ahmad Dahlan University.
Why English Camp ? Why doesn’t another name ?
English Camp because we are English literature student that should speak English everyday. English camp is very influence to help the student that cannot speak English. In here, we study and speak with our friends must speak English.  Actually for this first program is not quiet well but we always do the best.
Originally posted on February 26th 2015, at 11.53 PM

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