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Himpunan Program Studi Sastra Inggris

Give Our Spirits to Gerpasang Village


Gerpasang village, Klaten, Central of Java is a located of a Charity Program that 
associated by ASELIS on April 26, 2015. The members of ASELIS  went to the location 
at 7 o’clock, while brought the donation. The journey to the location took two hours 
by riding a motorcycle.

They reached the next village at 9, to get to the Gerpasang village from the next 
village must pass through the valley to walk for half an hour. After arriving at 
the location, ASELIS members met with the villagers to hand over the donation and 

Then at 12 , they return to thenext village to meet with the children who live there. 
They also provide some stationery and playing with children.The citizens and the 
children amused.The event was very successful. At 3 o'clock they were preparing to 
return toYogyakarta.


Originally posted on May 4th 2015, at 06.15 AM

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