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SWAG #2 Edition




ASELIS present….ASELIS Wall Magazine.

SWAG is coming with the 2nd edition which was posted on December 19th, 2016. The theme for this time edition is ‘new year’ that will be coming really soon. In presenting the contents, ASELIS member make SWAG into an english wall magazine. Its really different with the first edition which is bilingual wall magazine. The member also change some contents for this edition to adapt with the theme.
What are the contents of SWAG #2?
SWAG presents a lot of interesting column that contains of:

  • Caleidoscop, which covers all the Aselis activities in a year.
  • Person of the Year, which includes inspiring figure in English Literature for 2016.
  • Poetry, as the one of literary works.
  • Humor, which contains of short comic, funny short stories, or jokes.
  • Movie Review, a column that is laid about the information of cool new movie released.

Where can we find SWAG?
You can read the a chic and dashing SWAG in the next of administration office (Tata Usaha) of Literature, Culture, and Communication Faculty.

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