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July 5, 2016
by hmsasing

Leadership Training


On Saturday, 9th of April 2016 until Sunday, 10th of April 2016, ASELIS held the Leadership Training Program for its members with theme “Building the Competent, Responsible, and High-Dedicated Leaders”. This program took place in Tourist Village Pulesari, Turi, Sleman. The Leadership Training Program was held in order to build leadership skill of ASELIS members and to grow kinship between the members. This activity also attended by one of English Letters’ lecturer, Mr. Muhammad Hafiz Kurniawan, S.S. M.A.



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July 5, 2016
by hmsasing

ASELIS’ Monthly Discussion April 2016 : The Management of Plastic Garbage in Indonesia


On Tuesday, 5th of April 2016, 4:30 PM, ASELIS held the first Monthly Discussion in 2016-2017 periode with the theme “The Management of Plastic Garbage in Indonesia” moderated by Angga.

Plastic garbage has become a common issue that is being faced by society and government since a long time ago. The lack of public awareness about the use of plastic and strictness from the government rules on the management of plastic waste resulted in a growing number of plastic garbage in Indonesia. According to a survey on internet read by Angga, Indonesia has been being the second biggest contributor of garbage in the world.

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July 5, 2016
by hmsasing

The Third Meeting of Aselis on 15th March 2016

The Third Meeting of Aselis

The third meeting of Aselis held on Tuesday, 15th March 2016 on Ruang Skripsi Sastra. This meeting discussed about the planning for Leadership Training Program and Outbond.

ü  The first agenda is reading Al Quran by Research and Development division member.

ü  The next agenda is the gift of short kultum about the excellence of pray Dhuha.

ü  The main agenda of Aselis third meeting discussed about English Day and Leadership Training Program.These will be explained below:

ü  English Day

Aselis arranges a program to raise all English Letters students skill in speaking English. This program invites all students English Letters Department to participate in this program. Its activity is speaking English in one day long. English day will be held every Monday.

ü  Leadership Training Program and Outbond

Aselis arranges leadership training program that will be held on 2nd April 2016. On those discussion, Aselis members arranged the comitee and discussed about the locations of the program.


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July 5, 2016
by hmsasing

ASELIS First Meeting on 1st March 2016



On Tuesday, 1st of March 2016, ASELIS held a meeting in Hall of Campus 2 UAD. The meeting discussed about the work planning that will be running by every division.

The work planning  by each division are:

  • Research and Development:

o   Make “Reading Al Quran”  program and religious study for Aselis members before the meeting.

o   Make discussion by Aselis members very month.

o   Aselis daily meeting will be held every Tuesday at 4 p.m.

o   Make monthly discussion using Engllish (can be mixed with Bahasa).

o   Create wall magazine (corporate with Publication).

  • Public Relations:

o   Make “social service program”  on May 2016.

o   Aselis attends social service program corporates with Yogyakarta College Student Community every Wednesday at 7 p.m.(1 times per month).

  • Cadres:

o   Open a recruitement  for Aselis new members  in the next period.

o   Make solidarity event (makrab) for new students of English Letters.

  • Publication:

o   Make an instagram account for ASELIS.

o   Make “Selfie with English Letter’s Lecturers  Competition” in order to increase solidarity between students and lecturers. This competition will be held on FSBK Anniversary and photos of the participants will be posted on ASELIS’ instagram.

o   Make quotes stickers in order to promote ASELIS and will be shared on P2K event.

o   Make interview with members of Yogyakarta College Student Community participated on social service.


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